Monday, 25 August 2008

Return of the blog

So, yes, hello. Many of the few of you who may or may not end up reading this at some point have never seen me blog before. It's been over five years since I did, during which time much has changed. Anyway, I've decided to give it another go.

Why now? Well, I've been rather ill for a week now, stuck in my bedroom with little but my computer and my mind to keep me company. Memories of times past have been haunting me and my usually moderate levels of existential angst have become somewhat elevated. This is partially because I am quite concerned as to why I am so unwell and don't seem to be getting any better (more on that when I find out), and thus am reflecting on my past and present life, considering what the hell I am doing in this world and whether or not it's what I 'should' be doing, in order to bring happiness and other such 'good things' to myself and those I care about. I haven't found the answer.

Plus... I'm sick of these goddamn 'social networking' sites which continuously find new ways to demand more and more attention each day, and I'm sick of the effect they have on the way people [don't] interact! Fuck that. Here be my blog, which I shall try to adorn with relevant, interesting, and inspiring content. I hope that it will have a constructive effect, somehow, somewhere, sometime, on someone; possibly even me.

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